About Margaret

After twenty-two years of working in Human Resources at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., I am embarking on a new journey of taste, smell, and sight, through the culinary arts. Welcome to Margaret’s Home.com. This blog is a home cook’s obsession with food.

I was born and brought up in India and was fortunate to have traveled widely and observed the culinary skills of different countries. This widened my horizons, but nowhere have I found such a rich variety of food as in India. When it comes to vegetarian cooking, Indian cuisine has no equal. This blog is mostly about food and cooking but you will also find food stories, kitchen techniques, food finds, and reflections on food.

My first cookbook, Vegetarian Cooking for Today, was published in India in 1991. I wrote the book with the inexperienced newlywed in mind, along with a few advanced recipes for the more adventurous. Some of the recipes are adaptations of traditional fare from various parts of India and others are new creations. Since the book was written with the Indian audience in mind, I will modify the most popular recipes from the book and share them with you here.

Thanks to my son whose unrelenting support was instrumental in my launching this blog. He set up this blog and is my personal techie consultant.  All the recipes that you will see on this blog are tried and tested on my family and friends.

Food creates bonds and brings people together in a way that nothing else can. Putting food in front of someone is an act of love. It is universal. I hope this blog will encourage and inspire you to cook, taste, explore, and create.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you, my readers, friends, and family. I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please subscribe (on the top-right) to receive updates by email. Subscription is free.

I hope these recipes and photos will make you as hungry as I am while creating them! Thanks for joining my life’s journey through food.

– Margaret


49 thoughts on “About Margaret

  1. Margaret,
    Congratulations on this new journey! Wishing you the best in this new adventure! We will miss you so much as our colleague, but you look so happy and splendid as you start this new life!

  2. Congratulations my dear Sis-in-Law, I am with you on your life’s journey through food. You bet I will be visiting your blog when I get time. All the very best to you, wish I lived close by to watch you in action. Love U. Lalita

  3. Dear Maggie,
    So excited to see this! Now that you are retired you will have more time to,come here and try all your wonderful recipes on us!
    Love, Pris

  4. Dearest Maggie,
    Words just cannot express how happy I am to see this blog!! Congratulations!! I still treasure your first book…. Looking forward to your next one in 2013!!
    Lots of love
    Xx Mini

    • My dearest Mini,
      It is wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for your support. I hope you will visit again. I love you.

      • Hi Annie,
        I am so sorry that I somehow missed your message. Just seeing it now. I am thrilled to hear from you. I hope you will try some of the new recipes I post and I will look forward to your feedback. Love to all at home.

  5. Dear Maggie ,

    I remember your first book which we still treasure and drool over . I had gifted the books to so many people and they all use it faithfully . This is a great website/blog and even more drool worthy. Can you email me the link so I can forward it more folks. Wishing all the best

    Yours droolly

  6. Dear Steve,
    So good to hear from you. Thanks for writing and for your encouragement. Thanks also for sharing my blog with others from Manipal – http://www.margaretshome.com. Would love to hear from them. You can share my new email address with them as well. I was thrilled to hear from Mini.
    Hope all of you are keeping well.
    With love

  7. Dear Maggie, First Congratulations on your retirement. I am so glad you have started this blog. I have been enjoying reading your blog and most of all thank you for posting the wonderful recipes. I intend to try some of the recipes. Not sure if they will turn as good as yours but let’s see what happens. I like how your tech savvy son has set up your website, it’s excellent. Love, Hannah

    • Dear Hannah,
      Thank you for your feedback on the blog. I appreciate it, and would love to hear from you when you try some of the recipes that I’ve posted. I value your comments because I know you are a fabulous cook. So, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  8. Love your blog Auntie Maggie! I am going to try your palak paneer recipe and let you know how it turns out. Also I have been looking for a good recipe for veg puffs. If you have one to share I’d love to try it! -Sabi

    • Dear Sabi – Thank you for your lovely message. Glad you plan to try out the palak paneer recipe. Let me know how it turns out. Will post a veg puff recipe one of these days. Praying for you and love you. Auntie Maggie

  9. Ammama, Have been regularly following ur blog and enjoying it. Tried the karanjis today and they were fabulous. Thank you so much and looking forward to more

    • My dearest Alice – Happy New Year! I just saw your comment. Thank you for writing, and for trying out the karanji recipe. I hope it brought back beautiful memories of your grandma, and the good times we spent together as a family during Christmas. God bless you,and your family in 2013. I love you.

  10. Maglu, that is what I always called you and it will not change. Clara just shared your website and the blog, I am so proud of you, that is you and your love you share with food. I am sure I will enjoy every moment and feel I am just there with you. God bless you adn your love. I love you. Rani Acca

    • Dearest Rani Acca,
      Thank you so much for your encouragement and love. You have been so good to me through all these years and I love you for it. Yes, I enjoy writing about food on my blog and I’m so happy Clara shared it with you. Hope you will subscribe (it’s free) so we can always keep in touch. Love you, Acca. Maglu

  11. I have subscribed to your blog and hope I did it right and I will always be there for you and going o try some of your wonderful food displays. Keep in touch. Love u. Acca

  12. Dear Margaret,
    Olympia clued me on to your site. The food looks delicious — the pictures really bring the dishes to life. I can’t wait to try them and follow your blog. Congratulations on this passionate endeavor post-Bank. Best wishes, Ceci (also post-WB).

  13. Hi, Maggi! I just stumbled across this and am excited for you! I’m sharing it with David who has now launched out into the culinary arts. He is taking classes and was in Bangkok last Christmas learning first hand.
    Keep in touch.

    • Hi Ben – So good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing my blog with David. He is multi-talented and I am sure he will do very well in the culinary world. Please give Barbara and the rest of the family my love. Visit again and thanks for keeping in touch.

    • Hi Sis, I miss you too. I was wondering if you had forgotten me! I hope all is well with you and the children. Let’s keep in touch.

  14. Hi Margaret, I love your recipes and reading your little stories and comments on each of them. I will definitely share your site with my daughters who are learning to cook and love simple recipes. I am sure they will love your food. Keep them coming. Love Jennifer Cosbert

  15. Hi Jennifer – It is wonderful to hear from you. Thanks for your comment and for sharing my blog with your daughters. Wishing you and your daughters a great time together in the kitchen. I hope we can keep in touch. Margaret

  16. Margaret, first of all, I didn’t know you had written cookbooks? WOW. What a talented friend I have. I just looked at some of the recipes and will try very soon. Congratulations

    • Dear Margarita – So good to hear from you and thank you for your comment. Glad you stopped by my blog and I hope you will subscribe (it is free). I would love to keep in touch with you. Glad all is well with you. Lots of love, Margaret

  17. Hi Aunty
    This is amazing I never knew you had a blog!! I will be following you!! You know I’m a huge fan of your cooking!!

    • Dear Shalini,
      Thank you for your sweet note and thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it. Sorry for the delay in responding. I don’t know how I missed your comment. I’m always thrilled when someone writes! Looking forward to hearing from you, if you try out one of my recipes.

  18. Congratulation Margaret, what a wonderful & successful blog and you will be world famous soon. Wish you all the best.
    Suman Karnaker

    • Dear Suman,
      Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will visit often and share my blog with your friends and family. If you try any of the recipes, please give me feedback.
      Kind regards to you and Ranjit.

  19. Dear Maggie,
    What a nice way to spend your retirement! I just learned about your blog and will surely continue to visit it. I would certainly get your new book when it comes out. I love to cook and will try your recipes for sure. Wish you all the best in this new venture. God bless.
    Love and regards


    • Dear Sue,
      What a lovely way to start my day! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Please continue to visit and it’s a good way for us to keep in touch.
      Just getting ready to make paneer makani for this weekend. Lulu and Joy’s son, Rajeev and family are visiting.
      Love you as always. Thanks again and my love to Eric. God bless.

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